ocean forgive you all

forgive my stupid heart.
all goes. i promise.
the Reef'
The Reef is a Performance in Film and Live Music performed by the Australian Chamber Orchestra.
Its Artistic Director and Lead Violin, Richard Tognetti, 
collaborated with Producer/Director Mick Sowry and Director Of Photography Jon Frank, 
to create an evocation of an epic stretch of coastline in the north west of Western Australia.
Using a mythic day to symbolise our lives in all their trials and glory, 
it consists of twenty one individual compositions, some original, 
some amongst the greatest works in the classical tradition. 
This preview features Vocalise by Rachmaninoff.
In the day of The Reef Vocalise accompanies our look at heroic failure. 
A simple yet beautiful representation of the inescapable part of our lives 
where all does not go to plan, and the honour in trying, and trying again.

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