Saturdaynight mood

Karlie, front of Terry's cam
and of course - Nomi
 Scarred (Live) by Nomi Ruiz 

небесчувственная я

Мне нравится испытывать к тебе чувства,
которые я не могу описать: 
будь то тепло радости, разливающееся внутри,
или искренняя неловкость, с которой даже не пытаюсь бороться,
а доброта - ты видишь лишь её осязаемую часть, 
к тебе она приумножается в миллиарды раз,
смешиваясь с нежностью, 
Последняя не сжигает,
напротив - возрождает из прежнего пепла.


# Art. Interactive audio-visual performance. LIQUIDO

Solvation - a molecular-dynamic process. Enveloping the
active substance molecules of fat.
CH3 (CH2) 14COOH - a key component of milk fat,  palmitic acid
C12H25SO4Na - detergent (sodium dodetsilsulfonat)

This presentation is completely live. An artist adds various reagents in small portions to a chemical process to the fluid phase floating on the surface of a liquid. Thus, the color, shape, and texture of the fluid components are dynamically changed and create artistic
abstraction. The process, transmitted through the web-camera, generates sound by given algorithm. The interaction of chemical components and milk creates a process of fractal nature. Solvation - enveloping the activesubstance of fat molecules in milk. Each process takes several minutes. A computer program captures the dynamics of the situation and creates LIQUID~DO

"LIQUID~DO" may be associated with LIBIDO in the context of energy deliberation from a liquid substance, the chemical process. The energy is interpreted by the sound. The potential of the liquid is represented by the
sound. If in a human it is "sexual potential", then in a liquid it is different. We are interested in the nature of self-organization, both visual and audible, and the way these two areas interact with each other in a liquid system.

/ julia borovaya - art / behance.net/LIQuiDplaceII
/ sergey kasich - sound / www.SoundArtist.ru
/ vadim smakhtin - programming /www.vadimsmakhtin.com
/ mikhail simunin (science deputy chairman of
   joung scientists community of MIET)- chemical
  © LIQUID~DO  2011


# Music is love. BON IVER

don't you cherish me to sleep
never keep your eyelids clipped
hold me for the pops and clicks
I was only for the father's crib

hair, old, long along
your neck onto your shoulder blades
always keep that message taped
cross your breasts you won't erase
I was only for your very space

hip, under nothing
propped up by your other one, face 'way from the sun
just have to keep a dialogue
teach our bodies: haunt the cause
I was only trying to spell a loss

joy, it's all founded
pincher with the skin inside
you pinned me with your black sphere eyes
you know that all the rope's untied
I was only for to die beside

so it?s storming on the lake
little waves our bodies break

there's a fire going out,
but there's really nothing to the south

swollen orange and light let through
your one piece swimmer stuck to you

sold, I'm Ever
open ears and open eyes
wake up to your starboard bride
who goes in and then stays inside
oh the demons come, they can subside