# Art. Interactive audio-visual performance. LIQUIDO

Solvation - a molecular-dynamic process. Enveloping the
active substance molecules of fat.
CH3 (CH2) 14COOH - a key component of milk fat,  palmitic acid
C12H25SO4Na - detergent (sodium dodetsilsulfonat)

This presentation is completely live. An artist adds various reagents in small portions to a chemical process to the fluid phase floating on the surface of a liquid. Thus, the color, shape, and texture of the fluid components are dynamically changed and create artistic
abstraction. The process, transmitted through the web-camera, generates sound by given algorithm. The interaction of chemical components and milk creates a process of fractal nature. Solvation - enveloping the activesubstance of fat molecules in milk. Each process takes several minutes. A computer program captures the dynamics of the situation and creates LIQUID~DO

"LIQUID~DO" may be associated with LIBIDO in the context of energy deliberation from a liquid substance, the chemical process. The energy is interpreted by the sound. The potential of the liquid is represented by the
sound. If in a human it is "sexual potential", then in a liquid it is different. We are interested in the nature of self-organization, both visual and audible, and the way these two areas interact with each other in a liquid system.

/ julia borovaya - art / behance.net/LIQuiDplaceII
/ sergey kasich - sound / www.SoundArtist.ru
/ vadim smakhtin - programming /www.vadimsmakhtin.com
/ mikhail simunin (science deputy chairman of
   joung scientists community of MIET)- chemical
  © LIQUID~DO  2011

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