Хорошим хорошо

I want to be an honest man, known for integrity, a man true to his word 
and loyal to his family and friends.
Raised in Farmington, migrated south over the years and 
have found myself in Sandy. A wife and 2 kids that I feel 
at times are the only things worth anything to me in this world!! 
I am passionate about skateboarding and its lifestyle, 
a snowboarder by profession. SLC is in my blood, it's home, it's life, 
it's were ill close my eyes forever. Utah inspires my ambitions, 
it fuels my desire to live a better life and be better Father, Husband 
and human being. I can't understand fully how I ended up 
with my the beautiful lady that I did and further 
more the kids we have together, its a sensation in my heart 
and soul that can't be described and surpasses anything 
I have ever felt in my life!!
I love my family with an aching passion, I want better things 
for them than what the world can give. They can learn things 
at Church that I may miss getting across to them. 
The gospel of Jesus Christ is full of positivity and promotes good, 
that's the bottom line for me!! So again... Why Not?
Being true to my beliefs, my heart, my passions. 
I will do everything I can for my wife and my kids, I will NOT 
sacrifice them and their needs for anything in this world, 
this is my life's passion and commitment. This is my faith!

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