for Dreamers of California Soul

“It started when we were little kids. 
Free spirits, but already 
tormented by our own hands 
given to us by our parents. 
We got together and wrote on desks 
and slept in laundry rooms near snowy mountains 
and slipped through whatever 
cracks we could find, 
minds altered, we didn't falter 
in portraving hysterical and 
tragic characters in a smog 
filled universe. 
we loved the dirty city 
and the journeys away from it. 
We had not yet been or seen our friends, selves, 
chase tails round and round in downward spirals, 
leaving trail of irretrievable, 
vital life juice behind. 
Still, the 
was impenetrable 
and we lived inside it 
laughing with no clothes, and 
everything experimental 'till 
death was upon us. 
In our face, mortality.” 

Anthony KiedisScar Tissue

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