TRUE ARTIST on the streets. Antistatik

 "Violence , brutality often, i try to bring the energy from an illegal piece on legal spot. i don’t like painting a piece too long, creation is Speed, although the process on paper is long. At the End , if people can’t read , for me it’s not a problem, because emotions are speaking too. Movement, structure clear, like an Architect i do lines, i cut dynamic, to have new logical way. We know that lots of people write from left to right, start from the end or from the middle, you’ll directly have new lines, new vibes. I always paint freestyle, no sketches for have a look, all come out in One time, that could be good or bad, that’s the game.
Movement and structure are united, High flow, Low flow all days are different so all feelings in front of a wall are different, colors or just black and white, i take what i have."

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